Spykee, the spy robot

Spykee is an innovative robot by Meccano with some cool features. It's a remote controlled robot that can play sounds and, more interesting, record sound and video. That doesn't seem so much this far. However, the cool part is: it's controlled by software on a remote pc. Connection is done by wifi. So, in other words, this means you can control Skypee from anywhere in the world through the internet. You can now spy on your cat whenever you like.
You can also use it as intruder detector, as it has a motion detection sensor. And it can even be programmed to send a photo to your email, when it detects movement.
It can also read mp3, which is nice if you are near it. If you're controlling it remotely, trying to detect some intruder...well, if you cannot kill the intruder with some laser, at least you can torture him with some awful music. Or maybe scaring him away with some Hitchcock theme.
Lastly, and very important in these kind of robots: it has an auto-recharge feature. This means it will return automatically to his recharging dock when battery is low.
Although it's clearly a toy intended for kids, the feature list is quite interesting. If everything works as well as it is described by Meccano, it might even be appealing to grownups.

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